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Posted By:Borealis

Old Comments:

2008-07-28 16:30:06
Traumatized...owls thrive in the darkness....why is the owl in a cage? This is strange. Owls are not pets and if you really want a friend let him go and he will come back to visit or else you build anomosity and the other owls will not like you. It's like if you were a kid that was confined all the time. All the other kids would think you were a bad person.
2008-05-30 08:14:37
so cute , tender
2008-03-11 00:09:55
funny, creepy, cute and scary all at the same time
2008-03-09 00:52:23
It looks like a tree trunk. :)
2008-03-09 00:22:16
I do not think so ... Espectante be, because it seems a model ajajja
2008-03-08 19:50:29
I wonder if that sudden flash could have damaged its eyes.