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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2008-11-23 07:26:50
The viewers make that call. They flag the pics, for whatever reason. The prudes would flag the chick pics, atheists would flag the church pics, juvenile dels would flag anything they feel like just to let us know that they can... the list is endless. Then some posters flag other posters' pics to get them out of the way... in the first 30 pages of Today's Banned Images there were eight pics of mine, all either landscapes or animals. THIS IS DEMOCRACY. ;-) One good thing about the nuts, there's lots of food for all the squirrels!
2008-11-23 07:10:59
This site has been over-run and hi-jacked by hoodlums, vandals, juvenile delinquents and trolls. What the hell is going on? Are the site administrators asleep at the switch ? Look at the the photos that have been banned..who makes that call ? This is totally nuts !