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Posted By:orally

Old Comments:

2009-04-02 17:39:04
What is a falafal?
2009-04-02 08:50:19 shows a consistant trend of O'Reilly viewers hovering around 3.5 million nightly while Olbermann gets around 1.2 million. (Sponge Bob beats them both with 4.22 million!)
2009-04-02 00:36:14
That's a good one !
2009-04-02 00:36:13
2009-04-02 00:12:27
Couple of old cowboys were drinkin' beer in a bar... one of 'em asked the other one "How come you're a Democrat?" "Well," he answered," 'cause my daddy and my granddaddy were Democrats." First one said "That's a funny reason. What if your daddy and granddaddy had been horse thieves?" "Well," said the second one," then I reckon I'd be a Republican."