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Posted By:peasant

Old Comments:

2011-06-17 19:36:06
You're a real shit disturber problem solver. And you defend all those cheaters you listed. Those cheaters are one person along with one. We're not stupid, we know what is going on. Why did you mention chameleon, jchip8....especially chameleon who has not been on this site for a long long time?? That is very interesting!! Are you have trouble keeping track of all your names, and forgetting yourself and mentioning names you used a long time ago???
2011-06-17 13:38:58
Yes wider, give him a chance to ask patito if he could delete or downvote his pics and/or comments!
2011-06-17 13:16:38
Excuse me, problem solver, but I don't downvote anyone's pics, and I defended Pinch of Salt when he or she was attacked. Pay attention, pls.
2011-06-17 11:25:01
you know, my comment was ironic but you don't get it. "Some of us appreciate such things". of course you do! but why does people like you do not accept that more people like the pictures of Happy Jack, Big Bird, White Eagle, Pinch of salt and others? preventative, you and peasant etc. DOWNVOTE the pics of them! sasoli, zafar, jchip8, chameleon, white eagle, big bird, etc. ALL of them get attacked! because they posted good pictures? looks like pure jealousy! what a shame.
2011-06-17 10:56:31
Thank you wider view but I don't need your support right now, pls, let me handle this by myself..
2011-06-17 10:53:30
Crappy pics? They are wisdoms, problem solver. Some of us appreciate such things.
2011-06-17 10:44:17
wow. peasant is obviously a self-voter! look at the votes for his crappy pics!