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Posted By:fardin

Old Comments:

2009-09-18 23:22:05
You're being too harsh, Patito. Look closely, there are trees (nature) in the background. Then there are the three birds (Aves fluorescentis) flying... have you any idea how rare those are? This is the only picture ever captured of the species, that ought to count for something!
2009-09-18 21:42:00
Nature ? The tag says 'Nature.' This looks about as much like nature as a freakin' shopping mall...I know you're too busy feverishly re-posting photos from the 'back pages' of this site to pay very much attention to your tags, but Great Jumpin' Jesus, man...even on a piece of third-rate crap like this the tag oughta have SOMETHING to do with the content of the photo !