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Posted By:EmilyDawn2

Old Comments:

2008-09-18 09:49:48
Further to the above: When I first started posting pictures on Pixdaus, I was making mistakes all the time as to the info about ‘my’ pictures. Someone always corrected me and I responded with “I stand corrected” or some such similar response. None of us is perfect! Accept a correction in the spirit that it is given, and learn, that’s all this is about...
2008-09-18 09:31:04
1. I never belittle people. 2. I never show off. 3. I am sorry I can spell (mostly). 4. I do not attack or insult people. 5. Yes, I have an ass, but it is not smart. 6. Yes, Pixdaus is about fun, but it should not be about the dissemination of false information. 7. Everyone BUT Poppy is nice? You have a severe problem with your eyesight, dearie.
2008-09-18 05:29:44
poppy.... You really get a kick out of belittling others. And showing off, with your dictionary type explanations of things, proper spellings of words, being down right nasty to folk in general. Your are like a little troll scrolling pixdaus looking for your next victim to attack, insult,or show off to in general with your comments on pixdaus. Yes I know you will have a come back at me, for this. It is in your nature to have the last word. Like a natural born killer you cant help being a nasty smart ass person. I actually thought pixdaus was a site to have fun, just putting nice photos online, but iam actually think its just a place for poppy to hang around on and show off on. sad but true. In general everyone is nice. bar you!
2008-09-18 03:53:05
There are many locations of badlands around the world, but I agree with Greg that this looks like the Badlands of South Dakota. And, Emily, again, badlands are not classed as 'mountians' let alone mountains.
2008-09-18 02:06:23
This looks like the Badlands of South Dakota. Any info on this picture, EmilyDawn?