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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2009-03-08 06:16:23
The photo tells a story: his anxiety, her pity & desire. It may not be true. Rather sweet.
2008-05-14 20:23:38
He wont look so pretty after the Army gets done hazing his ass.
2008-05-14 19:36:18
Someone is abslolutely right. There is no connection between these two people.
2008-05-14 14:47:50
person who took this pic wanted to have a girl and that boy to be in the same frame. yet, both belongs to different worlds. it was the pic taker, whom we should blame.
2008-05-14 04:54:39
LOL Woot2 made me laugh
2008-05-14 03:13:29
She is thinking: You little *****. I know it was you that pinched my ass.
2008-05-13 23:54:34
The blond's eye focus is not on the young lad in military gear, but she is looking way past and behind him. Look again!
2008-05-13 22:57:24
Could be some kind of secondary school ROTC or the like..although, if the kid is 17 it could be regular military,at least in the US..and it looks to me as if the chick is feeling sorry for the kid, not lusting after him..
2008-05-13 21:44:33
what a picture! kid looks like he's 12. she's wondering how this young kid is supposed to defend Mother Russia.
2008-05-13 21:42:18
I think I can read her mind...that dirty little mind.....he is going to have so much fun!!!