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Posted By:Skip

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2009-03-26 04:14:08
Lime/linden/basswood, of genus Tilia, does not have flowers like these, so the grandmother's plant must be something other than linden. - Any plant experts out there? Hello? What are these flowers?
2009-03-25 18:35:45
Here is what the photographer said about it poppy, "My grandmother grew and propagated (indoor houseplant) Linden Trees in the 19th century and passed the little trees on as presents. Then my mother carried this on, and I know several people who enjoy the Christmas flowering of one of her propogated trees. This is now the last remaining descendent from this line, that I have, and it is flowering now. I will have to propagate some more and carry the line on. I'm not sure how this indoor plant is related to the lime tree family, Anyone? It is about 5 feet high ...Then he gave this link .. See interesting discussion about the name I went to wikepedia, and it seemed to be a discussion on weather the name of the plant should go by the english or the american version,(the photographer algo, is from england but maybe you can find more about it there, Wow I should get paid for this!! : )
2009-03-25 15:54:12
I know the photographer called these linden tree blossoms, but they are unlike any linden flowers that I have ever seen. has pictures of the 'normal' linden flowers. Sometimes the photographers don't know what they're looking at... ;-)