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Old Comments:

2010-07-29 10:43:20
Sounds Kewltagious Kevin!...thats an outrageously kewl idea that leads to another kewl idea.,, but seriously, I'll be looking forward to that and I'm sure your other fans will too, I think jujuba said something about getting set up on deviant art, and liking it, so you might try them too. I think you've got some great potential! :)
2010-07-29 07:30:13
Thanks Skip! I wanted the clouds to be kind of dark and spooky in hopes that it would look like they really could crank out a serious lightning display. I did post the same stuff at flickr that I posted here. I may set up a new account on flickr and give it a try and post a link here, sounds like a kewl idea! ;-)
2010-07-28 04:04:08
Another Kewlscape Kevin! this is kind of spooky and yet it's beautiful looking. I meant to ask you if you posted the same pics you did here when you were on Flickr? because I was thinking if your pixdaus fans had known you were on flickr, you would have had a lot more activity there. I still think it would be great for you to get some more exposure with your kewtastic pics! :)