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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2008-10-31 13:18:15
What about duplicate bails like 99% of the bails in this photo? If the bails on the horizon were brough forward they"d be about 100 feet tall.
2008-08-08 20:54:20
A round bale will tend to shed water kinda like a thatched roof...a few inches of the outer layers will deteriorate, but most of the bale will be alright ...but a square bale won't shed water like that, so it has to be protected from the rain...
2008-08-08 15:02:15
Patito: Why can a round bale be left out and a square bale must be put in?
2008-08-08 12:18:33
Well I knew about the wildebeest migration but this is gnus to me!
2008-08-08 11:53:33
You are both wrong- This is the Great Hay Bale Migration much less known than the wildebeest migration.
2008-08-08 06:27:53
Back and forth more than once..first he had to mow it..then he had to rake it into windrows..then he had to come along and bale it..and finally somebody's going to have to pick up each one of those bales and put 'em somewhere, probably lined up against a fence...the great advantage of the round bale is they can be left outside..regular old square bales pretty much have to go in the barn...a day or two of hauling hay from a field and stacking it in a barn will cause a person to have a greater appreciation of the round bale..
2008-08-08 05:30:07
And to think that some guy has been back and forth on that field in his tractor... must have taken quite some time.