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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2008-11-25 01:30:17
Sorry to get back to this, but one thing still keeps niggling at me. I did not start accusing artemis on just 'feelings' or suppositions, I studied the behaviour for months before I spoke out. As soon as artemis discovered the method of multiple votes, my pics started going down as well (and at that time I was still quiet about it for a couple months). When I finally felt I had enough proof, I started the 'war' against artemis, and that is when the downvoting on my pics escalated. The fact that it has continued and stengtened may be attributed to just the actions of artemis, but it may also be partly due (as you surmise) to other people joining 'in the fun', so to speak. Be that as it may, I did as I felt I had to, and now I will quit. Unless new factors emerge... ;-)
2008-11-24 23:04:48
...that is yet another matter that should be taken up with the Pixdaus admin. Changes can only be accomplished if enough people email them and express their opinions. The vandals don't read the comments, they are merely interested in havoc and mayhem. ;-)
2008-11-24 22:56:53
"...tempest in a teapot." Well said, JS. I am fully aware that I have been fighting against windmills, but my sense of right and wrong is so strong that I don't quit even when I know I've already lost! ;-) You may not have noticed, but I am not he only one "constantly harping" about the cheating. I have been the most vocal, I admit. I have taken the matter up with Pixdaus admin and their stand is that there's nothing they can do about it: they called the abuse of the system 'democracy'. // I have not "worried" about the abuse of the voting system, because I worry about nothing that is essentially beyond my control. No, I take that back: I worry about NOTHING. Period. // My "harping" has been more an exercise of examining the human motives of trying to get ahead in life (or whatever) by foul means. I have some legitimate and rather interesting motives for being on Pixdaus in the first place, but I am not prepared to elaborate on that at this stage. // I am done with the "harping" because that road turned out to be a cul-de-sac. Poppy's pictures will continue, regardless of how they fare on the 'lists' because I am not here for any glory.
2008-11-24 22:33:24
This picture IS on the main page! But with the new banned images section, a picture gets to enter it if just one person has flagged it. It takes several people to flag a picture to get it off the main frame.
2008-11-24 22:17:50
In addition to the old problem of lack of control or supervision of the voting process, there's now a new problem....the same little trolls who've made themselves obnoxious by making grossly obscene comments and stealing other peoples' names are now flagging photos as inappropriate just for the hell of it ! Surely there's a way to manage or control this kind of vandalism !
2008-11-24 21:34:32
i wish there was an unflag button... so that great images like this one could go back where they belong on the main page...
2008-11-24 16:04:15
one would think that the site administrator could somehow audit the IP addresses of users that ban a lot of pictures, and take away the ability to ban pictures when it's obvious that an individual is misusing the flagging button. that being said, i've been quiet so far on the subject of 'cheating' because i think it's a "tempest in a teapot." first, there is no prize, so no one is losing out on anything because of the voting. second, there may not be cheating going on at all; just because it appears that artemis gets a lot of votes (even i think some rises are very rapid) doesn't mean there's scamming going on. for instance, i think several people have mentioned that artemis might have friends on a bulletin board that come by and vote for the pictures, i've seen no rules against this sort of thing at pixdaus. third, if there are people coming here because artemis is posting that there are new pictures up to vote on here, and artemis' friends see the constant negative posts about cheating, some of them might decide to vote down poppy's pics, and so on, this would explain the rapid negative votes you are complaining of now. also, the constant harping on the cheating is probably persuading some pixdaus regulars to vote against your pics, poppy. fourth, and finally, i wish i had my life so together that i could spend as much time worrying about how others are abusing a voting system on some obscure web page i found while randomly surfing the net. i'm too busy most days trying to keep my boss happy so i don't join the growing ranks of the american un- and or under-employed...
2008-11-24 10:52:55
Well. I guess they would get their own pictures to the top, but they could not bring another person pictures down unfairly.
2008-11-24 10:50:00
Could not have said it better myself, Skip! If we all voted for pictures instead of people who posted them, the current system would then be fair and would not need 'fixing'. Regarding the idea of yours where if a picture reaches 10 votes, say, then it no longer could be voted down: what about people who have multiple votes at their disposal? They can make ten votes in minutes, and thereafter they are safe and can vote themselves as high as they want and nobody can touch them... No matter what the system is, there'd always be people who'd abuse it. That's a sad fact.
2008-11-24 09:39:23
it's funny how ridiculous it is that they are trying to ban pic's like this, but whats not funny to me anymore is how much jelousy or competition is going on here. Tonight I voted for some of your pic's poppy, and a few minutes later all my votes were wiped out. this is not new, and poppy is not the only one I vote for,,, I vote for practically everyone, and this happens all the time! yes I know some pictures dont appeal to some people, but like comic book guy said, I have seen pic's voted down frequently after they already had over twenty votes. Without the voting here I guess people would lose interest in posting pictures, because the votes let you know that people are enjoying your pictures, But I really don't understand why it would be impossible to make the voting system more fair. One idea I had was after a picture reaches maybe ten points (showing that enough people liked it) they could make it impossible to vote it down and if it gets no more positive votes fine. Most pictures here are not posted by the photographers so when you vote them down for dislike of the person posting them, or for competition with other posters, it is no reflection on how good the picture really is.
2008-11-24 04:36:45
Accurate diagnosis, Dr. Patito! I have already counted up to 90 landscapes and animals pics of mine in the banned pics section, and I haven't gone far yet... Good pics are flagged mostly by posters, I fear, to try to drop them from the 'race'. How low and petty, eh? Plenty of Skip's pics there, too.
2008-11-24 03:18:30
Banned? Inappropriate ? Is there some kind of virus going around that is causing mass stupidity complicated by galloping assholeism ?
2008-11-23 21:45:56
Absolutely stunning picture, Skip! Finland rocks! P.S. This is already among Today's Banned Images! Why? Because it is GOOD! It clearly is a threat to some people...