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Posted By:artemis

Old Comments:

2008-11-16 16:48:11
Actually pe0919, the majority of pics on this site are "stolen", but Artemis IS taking the piss.
2008-11-16 16:23:04
Artemis, This site is all about fine photography, So if you want to post something...TAKE the photo...DON'T STEAL IT!!
2008-11-16 10:01:17
Artemis STOP CHEATING!!!! A pic with such a big watermark in it get over 10 points??? That's not realistic!!
2008-11-16 00:10:58
Artemis: your arrogance is beyond belief! You are just laughing at all the viewers, voters and posters here at Pixdaus!
2008-11-15 23:20:54
Unbelievable! Even a pic with a big watermark from "" in the middle get popular?? STOP CHEATING!!!!