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Posted By:baloch1

Old Comments:

2009-06-21 15:40:13
To BALOCH1 This is what I donít understand: Why do you (and Zafar1, for example) insist on taking old pics from photo sites when it is just as easy to take new pics? You can be darn sure that when you post a GOOD old picture, it has been here already! This is the problem: It is getting rather boring for those of us who can remember the pics (not all of them, of course!) that have been here before. Also, what you are doing is not a polite thing to do; have respect for the original posters who cared to look for and find new pics instead of going for the old ones. There could be another explanation: Perhaps you are shopping at Pixdaus? I hope that is not the case. Ė It is a fact of life on Pixdaus that duplicates happen, but why does it happen so often to some of you?