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Old Comments:

2009-02-16 21:02:04
Thanks Connie! I try to keep learning and improving, it's a lot of fun!
2009-02-16 03:34:18
You're new here, aren't you jmiller? Here's the score: Kevin walker takes two photos and combines them into one. He's our resident expert on photoshop. Then there's patito. When someone asks 'where is it/that..., patito tells them. He's our resident expert on geography and Irish blarney. And I'm CONNIE aka jane doe...who has lost her name. Very sad story. Now you can safely navigate through Pixdaus with all the knowledge you need.
2009-02-16 02:04:23
These are the famous Torres de los Pendejos in Boca de la Mosca State Park, located a few miles west of Los Alamos, New Mexico, in the Sangre de Dios mountains. The peaks appear formidable in this shot, taken from the north, but on the back side ( south side ) there is a cable tramway that takes tourists to the very top of the peak where there is am observation platform as well as a restaurant and gift shop.
2009-02-15 23:52:05
where is it
2009-02-15 19:18:45
Thanks Poppy!
2009-02-15 18:03:16
Another one of your masterpieces...well done, Kevin!