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Old Comments:

2009-05-01 00:04:26
I heartily agree with your first sentence. From then on, your comment sinks into the depths of envy. HA. If you don't happen to know what HA means, let me enlighten you: ha, interj., an exclamation expressing triumph, surprise, or scorn. Try scorn.
2009-04-30 23:58:44
Go fuck yourself, you little creepy's that for oozing plesantries, dipshit ?
2009-04-30 19:50:50
Thanks Padmini! It's a lot of fun and it's great to have such a bounty of kewl pics to choose from.
2009-04-30 15:08:13
kevin walker has become the 'creator'
2009-04-30 10:51:16
Thanks Jhonnywalk! ;-)
2009-04-30 10:50:00
Thanks Poppy! I concur with you on how fast kewlistic is spreading around the world! And it was created right here at Pixdaus! These pics are my little photo short stories, I don't know if they're worth a thousand words but being called kewlistic is like totally kewl! ;-)
2009-04-30 10:07:05
Thanks Skip! It's a privilege for me to have a pic thought of as Kewlisitic, a high honor indeed!! ;-)
2009-04-30 01:59:03
Great pics....Great lanscape.....
2009-04-30 00:43:42
What can I say but concur with the above? ;-) - Just note how fast the word 'kewlistic' will spread around the world... new words do, you know. "It's a living language" was the favourite saying of someone very dear to me.
2009-04-29 20:56:40
Another great pic kevin! it's kewl, and artistic hmm what's the word I'm looking for? oh yea kewlistic!!!