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Old Comments:

2011-11-28 23:27:47
Mount Oberlin on the left and Cannon Mountain on the right, Glacier National Park, Montana
2008-05-23 23:09:08
i'm gonna go ahead and go with Canadian Rockies. yeah...there, problem solved.
2008-05-23 20:28:27
sorry guys! I would say it, but I really don't know!
2008-05-23 20:19:28
Looks a lot like terrain in places at Glacier National Park in Montana, US. I'd love to know for sure where this is.
2008-05-23 11:34:46
If there were a couple more 'happy little trees' in the foreground, I'd say it was Mt. Bob Ross (even though it would sound kind of rude to say that).
2008-05-23 03:26:28
what's the name of this mountain?