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Posted By:kevin walker

Old Comments:

2009-10-21 20:11:50
It's the High Speed Internet Service offered by the phone company. I hear Cable is faster, but it's a big pain to switch.
2009-10-21 13:06:14
That's a diesel powered internet connection, Ms C..much better mileage and a lot more horse-power than your old-fashioned gas-powered connection....mine has 600 cubic inches of fuel-injected ram, magnesium spark plugs, overhead cams, dual muffler belts, and a high-compression modem....I get replys to e-mails before I even send 'em...of course, all that may not be available where you live...
2009-10-21 12:38:58
2009-10-21 11:20:32
I might have to say bye bye to dsl and go with a cable connection. I'm not sure who posted the castle originally. It's a great pic too! I save so many that I lose track. ;-)
2009-10-21 11:08:52
Thanks Poppy!
2009-10-21 04:56:24
Mine problem is not viruses; I just plainly don't know what I'm doing;-) KV, is that the castle I posted a while back?
2009-10-20 23:24:03
Clearly caused by the same virus that has been known to attack some of Connie's pics, heh. Don't worry, it looks good to me and got my vote 'cause it's 98% kewlistic. ;-)
2009-10-20 22:40:53
I don't know why it uploaded like this. I added the castle on the lake and got rid of a little development on the hill.