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Old Comments:

2009-04-04 00:11:52
Yes, you draw on the tablet (that lies flat on the table) with a pen that also has the mouse functions. Although you draw on a flat surface, you don't look at that but the computer screen (where you're in Adobe Photoshop, for example). It took a while to get the hand-eye coordination working properly, but now I just love it. Yes, you have to be familiar with the photoshop tools, the tablet just makes the actual drawing easier and more accurate. I am just a beginner myself and have a lot to learn! Check out the above image editing programme; it has the basic features of photoshop but it's free.
2009-04-03 21:43:19
Hmmm -A Wacom tablet -just looked it up -maybe thats what I need -I am having trouble remembering which tool does what - Can you just basically draw with the tablet? or do you have to have a good grasp of the tools there too?
2009-04-03 21:31:11
Thanks again Poppy!! I have a wacom tablet too but I've been putting off learning how to use it for some reason. I'm going to have to just hook it up and learn it. I look forward to seeing the creations you post. I'm sure it won't take long at all before you are cranking out very kewl pics! ;-)
2009-04-03 02:34:21
One of these days, I am going to study photoshop in depth... thus far, I just draw and paint there and then 'manipulate' the pics into many versions of the original. That's fun, too, and provides endless original greeting cards. I also have a Wacom drawing tablet which gives me more accurate and detailed drawing than the mouse does. - It has been interesting to see you develop and get better. You have not been doing it all that long, but you're already VERY good... ;-)
2009-04-03 00:12:50
Thanks Poppy!! I was a little unsure about it when I posted it. I just couldn't get the clouds to do what I wanted then to do. When I made adjustments it would tend to pixelate the clouds and then I'd have to blur them to hide the pixelation.
2009-04-02 23:35:57
Awsome pic, Kevin! You're the Man!