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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2010-07-16 03:20:45
PictureGirl - I think what Phlox was meaning with his/her comment was that jchip8 usually does not provide a proper caption (name, location, photographer etc). Others, using their usual username, have complained about this before.
2010-07-15 17:56:00
@ Plox You better ask jchip8 to give you back your money that you gave him to post this picture.... :P BDW: It's correct location that PG gave you: Plitvice , Croatia.
2010-07-15 12:36:22
I am quite surprised that you don't recognize where these falls are, Phlox. Pictures of this lake have been featured many times on Pixdaus. Perhaps you are new here, so I am prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt. The falls (and the place where these falls are situated) are Plitvice Lakes in Croatia.
2010-07-15 11:51:22
Jchip will, I can assure you, maintain her usual august and magesterial silence, so I'll volunteer to tell you where this is and how to get there. Take FM 78 west out of town.Go three miles and tuirn right at the old Conoco station. Go about twelve or so miles and you'll see Old Man Slocum's big pecan grove on the left . There's a green gate there . Turn and go on through that gate ( be sure to close the gate behind you ) and drive on down the hill toward the river. You'll see a big open place where you can park. There's a trail head at the south side of the clearing. Go down that trail about a mile and a half, and when you get to the top of the third hill, well, there you are. Of course it's all fenced off and private property now, bought by a consortium from Dubai, and they're gonna build a golf course, condos and a resort hotel there. But you can still look. Sure hope this helps.
2010-07-15 11:22:16