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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2008-07-13 17:16:31
Sweet kitten, skip. I agree with Carol.
2008-07-13 16:40:14
â ðîò ìíå íîãè!
2008-07-12 15:18:36
How can you not just love the kitty and the dialogue as well? All plusses here.
2008-07-12 08:47:23
you are right I do sound like a little twirp, especially about minusing my kitty but it's was my way of showing these people who go on a minusing rampage some nights (after we put up men's pictures) that I knew it was about me and not the picture
2008-07-12 08:04:33
Skip, do your parents know you're back on their computer?
2008-06-27 13:50:38
i knew skip. we need to get all the kitty-bashers and round them up into a corral. then we dump dozens of kitties in there and they collapse from acute cuteness. problem solved.
2008-06-27 13:26:14
oh, i wasen't talkin to you fyi, just the kitty bashers out there.
2008-06-27 13:23:21
quit minussing my little kitty !! if you don't like me fine,,,, but leave my cat alone!!!
2008-06-27 13:15:48
laaaa-la-la-la-lada-la-lada-da-lda-hey jude!
2008-06-27 11:24:01
see we do have fun, men and women together, we should all join hands and sing love songs : )
2008-06-27 11:12:32
LOL skip. honesty at pixdaus? oh dear.
2008-06-27 11:11:33
i'll give you this skip: Kitty is amused. take it on an existential level.
2008-06-27 11:09:52
LOL skip. honesty at pixdaus? oh dear.
2008-06-27 10:34:56
I think I'll minus my own comment on this one, bad attempt at humor. poor kitty
2008-06-27 10:10:45
maybe your right, I thought maybe she was biting her nails worrying that somebody might say I'd hit it!! haha
2008-06-27 10:02:30
Kitty is giggling at the stupidity that goes on here