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Posted By:tonyq

Old Comments:

2008-06-04 16:24:23
The caption should read: FREE AT LAST...I'm GAAAAAY, I'm GAAAAAY. I'M so Gaaaay!!!!!
2008-06-01 08:54:36
OK, that does it, I'm not reading any more of your stupid comments. I'm just going to look at pictures.
2008-05-20 12:39:29
That's becuse _you_ are gay. Which makes you to see the world through your gay-distorted preception. (And, of course, register all those different user IDs to help you push your gay agenda.)
2008-05-20 11:35:30
Beautiful pic. I was just going to say that he does look like an actual ballet dancer - that may take a bit of sophistication to appreciate.
2008-05-17 10:24:38
Believing all male dancers are gay is probably a lot like believing all those big ol' rough, tough football players are straight..and if you believe that, you are verrry naive and innocent of the ways of the world......
2008-05-17 10:06:20
Bellcurve, by kiddie porn I was referring to the photo of the priest with the little boy. maybe u saw it as funny but it's not. but I was not talking about your pic's in general
2008-05-17 09:15:59
The dude is obviously gay (he's a dancer), but it still requires a lot of grace and strength... to be so gay.
2008-05-17 08:18:10
point taken anne. but to photgraph and otherwise depict/fetishize them think it over.
2008-05-17 07:52:36
Maybe you'd get laid more if you didn't post kiddie porn. sendin a conflicting message aren't you?
2008-05-17 07:37:21
I sure could get laid more if I looked like him.
2008-05-17 07:20:41
Not ALL male dancers are gay.
2008-05-17 07:15:35
no. gay.
2008-05-17 07:04:31
SO Graceful. Incredible strength.
2008-05-17 07:03:08
SO gay.