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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2009-02-02 20:24:05
michael jackson
2008-07-25 19:03:28
its completely natural, to wait patiently in the dark then grab the little girl by her ankles. The wait is lot more comfy there under the staircase than under her bed.
2008-07-21 04:28:34
2008-07-20 21:46:45
The Dood is right..that's not scary..what is scary are those GIANT FREAKIN' SPIDERS and BUGS, man ! Those thing are REAL !
2008-07-20 17:27:49
Cohise, that is not a scary picture. Just a girl and freak playing a nice game of hide and seek!
2008-07-20 11:56:40
no erotics OR SCARY PICS please, let's share cool stuff
2008-07-20 03:27:19
Why is he scared of her???