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Old Comments:

2009-10-22 20:15:47
no money? do you have any idea how much money we actually have? there is no crisis, that's a strategy, nothing more...could be worse, we could be bending over for libya =]
2008-05-01 05:12:01
Islamofascist is a word invented by a cowardly draft dodger who is all in favor of war as long as he doesn't have to go.
2008-04-30 23:36:33
Oh... this is sooooo silly... and nobody never actually think about what the islamofascists are doing right now in our world
2008-04-12 23:09:22
"we" did not choose to go to Iraq. Those interested in gas prices to go up did, incl. Mr. Bush himself.
2008-04-09 17:18:45
Like Iwo Jima :D
2008-04-07 16:19:11
the war was not because of the oil? oh, you're right: it was because of WEAPONS OF MASS-DESTRUCTION... ha, ha, ha.... (greetings to north-corea)
2008-04-07 12:34:51
you're an ass this American cares, so you do not speak for all Americans in fact, checking polls, you're losing more friends every day
2008-04-07 09:56:12
It was to deny Iraq's oil to China and India, and to establish a permanent military presence to keep it under proxy American control. Several members and former members have admitted this.
2008-04-07 08:18:17
Great picture, this explains the real ideal of Freedom of the US politicians
2008-04-06 21:05:03
So the lesson is that if a nation develops nukes we won't mess with them? That must be why we grovel at Israel's feet.
2008-04-06 19:02:42
Hey's a good thing we went to war over in Eye Rack to protect our oil supply, 'cause if we hadn't we might be paying high prices for gasoline now...right??????
2008-04-06 18:06:27
You do ... because now you've got no money and your country is going down the pan ... it would be good for you guys to keep some friends. It would!
2008-04-06 17:02:10
Whatever your opinion of the picture, it is very well done.
2008-04-06 16:36:20
If it was about the oil then we would've left Saddam in charge and peeled off the sanctions. The guy was happy to sell oil to anyone with cash. If it was about the oil then the 101st Airborne would've dropped on Caracas to depose Chavez. We haven't gone after North Korea (yet) because they not only have nukes but they also have the means to deliver them against our ally, Japan.
2008-04-06 14:47:09
Political post = big minus vote. You're welcome.
2008-04-06 14:40:02
Silly anti-Americanism. I always get a chuckle. We Yanks care not a wit.
2008-04-06 11:56:07
You fuckwit, its not about the oil. So why doesnt the mighty US of A invade Korea or Iran if its not about the oil?
2008-04-06 07:17:07
That's about the truth of it ... it's a media war ... and people are actually dying for this "cause" - Iraqi folks more so than the so-called "liberators" :(
2008-04-06 06:31:03
It took me a couple of seconds...very clever image.
2008-04-06 05:15:13
That completely explains why our gas prices are going up and not down : Get real people. It's not about the oil... it's not about freedom either however. It's a political move. Get a foot in the mideast kinda thing.