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Old Comments:

2009-04-03 21:27:52
Good point and excellent advice, FBO...lots of folks are carrying some kind of load or are fighting battles we may never know about.
2009-04-03 21:07:14
Jonathan Winters had mental problems - He was in an institution for a while -diagnosed with manic depression. Perhaps he was having problems at the the time he met the mentally challenged boy. When someone seemingly acts mean or does something that is strange or unkind they might be reacting to a problem in their own life that we don't know about and that we may never know about. Unless someone is unrelentingly hateful all the time give them a break and figure they are having rough time with their own selves.
2009-04-03 14:15:23
The real talented actors are, I suspect, more down to earth that the Britney Spears of this world. They know what they have achieved and are comfortable with who they are. They don't have to put on airs. James Garner was, in my opinion a good actor.
2009-04-03 13:08:59
From what she told me he and his wife were very nice, She met them at a small airport in michigan, and first started talking with his wife in the ladies room, not realizing who she was, and then she got to meet Bob, she said she started blushing and stammering a little, but he was real friendly, I have to throw in that she also met the actor James Garner at an airport in california,,,and this time he came up and started the conversation, she said he was very down to earth just like a regular nice guy.
2009-04-03 12:45:36
Now, that's impressive. I'm a great admirer of Bob Hope - not that he was a particularly great comedian, but simply because he came across as being a decent human being, and every Christmas he went overseas to entertain the troops. He used to come to Vancouver Island a lot to do some deep sea fishing.
2009-04-03 12:43:21
I never thought of Jonathan Winters as being particularly famous, nor thought he was very talented as a comedian. He was certainly not in the Dan Akroyd or John Belushi league. A young man, who was obviously mentally challenged, tried to speak with him. Winters brushed him off and walked away. Where have all the great comedians gone! Have you ever see the 'Carry on....' movies? British comedy has got to be the best.
2009-04-03 11:48:25
My mom met Bob Hope and his wife : )
2009-04-03 11:40:16
On the Benton incident. Mom knew the people who put on the theater each year. We made an appearance at the party so Mom could meet and greet local big wigs and to show her support. It was more of a business thing.
2009-04-03 11:34:52
Jonathan that's famous ...I bet you had thrills allllll over your body !
2009-04-03 11:31:27
What were you doing at a cast party when you were twelve...being precocious? I have never personally met anyone famous, except, like Mother Teresa, I was in the audience when the Pope came. About 36 years ago I met Mickey Mouse at Disneyland;-) The next day, I met Jonathan Winters at Knotts Berry Farm, where they were filming a movie. He came around to chat and shake hands. But, I wouldn't consider him very famous. I attended a talk in Vancouver given by Dr. Phil. He's a pretty good speaker, but he got really huffy when the sound system acted up a bit; he acted like a prima dona. We didn't stick around to shake his hand at the end. I also attended a talk by a famous motivational speaker, but I can't remember his name. I'm getting really old, you know.
2009-04-03 11:29:17
I don't agree but won't argue the point..let's let it go...
2009-04-03 11:26:05
Ideologies, the only real difference.
2009-04-03 11:25:05
What about Pro-Bass fisherman from FLW and Bassmasters? Would they count as famous. I know a few of them. Then there's rapper e-40. I worked the project that built his moms home near Blackhawk and I built his little brothers home in Vacaville
2009-04-03 11:14:56
Okay Abe..I almost hate to tell you this because I really don't want to stir up any shit, but I met George W. Bush one time back when he was governor...I told him a joke and we had a little conversation lasting several impression: a pleasant, charming guy..quite likable, actually..clearly not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but certainly no monster...I've heard that even hard-core rightwingers, on actually meeting and conversing with Bill Clinton, admitted they liked him and found him personable and charming....
2009-04-03 11:02:04
I'm trying to think if I have ever met anybody famous. The only one I can think of is Barbi Benton at a cast party in Sacramento when I was twelve. Oh and Rosie Grier at Disneyland while I was in High School.
2009-04-03 09:48:19
Not in this case ;-). I saw Mother Teresa many years ago when she came to Vancouver. Her simple, but to the heart speech, was very moving.
2009-04-03 09:23:11
I thought you were attempting to be witty.
2009-04-03 09:18:19
I know that all nuns are also referred to as sisters...or mothers; I'm Catholic.
2009-04-03 09:02:12
All nuns are sisters. You're very finny.
2009-04-03 08:33:00
I think that is one of Mother Teresa's sisters. All those children need a lot of cuddles and love. Thank God for those nuns!