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Posted By:humbug

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2009-03-15 05:14:49
thank you very much for this fast explanation ;)
2009-03-15 04:59:03
Saulnier, a French airplane manufacturing company, was the first to attempt development of a synchronization device to allow a machine gun to fire through the didn't work very well and they shot off a lot of their props, which of course were made of wood in those days....but in 1915 a French pilot named Roland Garros fitted steel deflector plates to his propeller, and became the first pilot to shoot down another airplane using a gun that fired through the prop..he was shot down and his plane captured and sent to the Fokker factory, where they perfected the synchronization device, which first appeared on the Fokker E I, a monoplane..if you want to learn more details just do a google search..there's a lot of information about this since it was a pivotal development in aerial combat..
2009-03-15 04:56:24
I believe the triggers were connected/tied to the cam shafts of the engines so that they would be timed to miss the blades. Or they had a special cam that was around the prop shaft that would tell the gun when to fire. No link. Somebody told me this over thirty years ago. It is a very nice picture of all the planes together.
2009-03-15 04:37:28
Hoi, can somebody tell me how it was possible to shoot with the MGs through the propellers? link would be great too. thx bye^^