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Posted By:humbug

Old Comments:

2009-02-19 04:15:38
I don't understand your comment Blank
2009-02-19 03:32:24
Well now at this moment, I’m also busy with other occupations while looking through Pixdaus (that’s possible because I’m working on PC (Pixdaus, but not only for …) an at the same time on laptop (erotic and so on of course). But the reasons … in short, I have some further info about that pic but have not right now it at hand, so tell you later more, ok? Greetings.
2009-02-18 13:32:39
Darling why must I chase you around from pic to pic? ok connie, relax...don't get the willies on me I was just pulling your!
2009-02-18 13:24:55
Cohise, have you been sipping the wine? You can't remember posting this photo? Software? None - the photo was that way when I found it on the internet. I wish I could combine photos like that for my series. You know my series...the ones that get very little votes. But, I still enjoy doing it ;-)
2009-02-18 13:21:30
I didn't have any ginger ale, but I did have tiramisu for lunch - a bit of liquor in it. Anyways Cohise did post the same photos as above. To tease her, I posted mine with the caption "For Cohise - my cat & mouse speak ;-)." There was writing on each square, saying: What's this Ma!come look!! A kiss? It's a secret OK? ...says the mouse Snuggle time Charming little mouse Sleep well I only got a measly 14 votes;-)
2009-02-18 11:40:42
Nice work, Connie. With what software did you do it ?
2009-02-18 11:37:39
Humbug, once again you show you are in good taste. I really like your pics. And more, it was the first pic I saw when opening Pixdaus (due to the fact of course that I had given this comment. My openingspage is “Recently Commently”).
2009-02-18 08:59:43
..."by ... I" How many ginger ales have you had, Connie? ;-) ;-)
2009-02-18 08:20:16
Too late humbug. This series of photos already posted by Cohise and I. Mine is the best - the cat speaks ;-)