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Posted By:humbug

Old Comments:

2009-03-17 05:03:30
Makeup and photoshop,makes for scary online dating.
2009-03-16 07:41:05
I disagree, I don't think they are any older or younger in the last three photo's, because there is nothing a little photoshop or retouching cannot correct. ask any professional model or film star.
2009-03-16 07:06:02
I agree with the last three photos - but I think the other one is of the same person.
2009-03-16 06:28:17
I gonna have to disagree with you on this one.
2009-03-16 05:24:46
The last four images are not of the same years, i.e., the pictures on the right were taken when they were younger. This shows with the ageing and muscle sagging in the left images.
2009-03-16 03:10:52
That's why I chuckle when photos of these 'beautiful' girls get lots of votes. The photos on the left is of real women. The ones on the rights is all to do with makeup applied by professional makeup artists, brushing, lighting, etc.
2009-03-15 23:52:12
Humbug, I enjoy your images