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Posted By:Luckyred

Old Comments:

2010-07-20 12:50:10
This place is in the County of Galveston, but it isn't in the City of Galveston or even on Galveston Island. It's across the bay on the mainland side near the city of Hitchcock, and is essentially a suburban ghetto for well-to-do white folks.
2010-07-20 12:31:38
Apologies, Meagan. Did not read your comment until now...
2010-07-20 12:16:24
Hi everyone, The above link states that this place is in Harborwalk, Galveston...
2010-07-20 11:22:24
Harborwalk, TX
2009-05-30 17:08:12
I agree with you Poppy!
2009-05-30 15:24:28
If I had the millions that any of those houses must have cost, I would not have a garden the size of a postage stamp and neighbours within spitting distance. I'd buy thousands of acres of land (must have a small lake on it) and build a cottage on it. Different strokes for different folks. ;-)
2009-05-30 10:16:57
I would think so. I have mixed feelings about this display of "conspicuous consumption"' Great photo though.
2008-10-25 02:56:14
Is this one of the new Dubai Islands?