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Old Comments:

2009-02-13 07:47:25
You're naught patito; I know what you're thinking ;-) I'll tell your wife on you. CONNIE JANE DOE
2009-02-13 07:43:00
Hmmm...those hills remind me of...something.... can't quite put my finger on it...but it's right on the tip of my tongue...
2009-02-12 19:55:11
I couldn't tell ya the name of the hills but this is one of my combo's. I cloned some extra sky and rotated the hills in the foreground and them scrunched them vertically to make them a little more flat. Wasn't really that happy with it but posted it anyway just to post something new.
2009-02-12 00:14:56
This looks like a Kevin Original. Am I right? Palouse hills in the foreground, maybe?