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Old Comments:

2008-08-14 23:46:12
what a sad story, yiami. sorry i thought it was just a "move". unless you're making this up, which case, well you know what you'd deserve.
2008-08-14 06:49:43
It fell from the sky because the synchro gearbox broke, and the rotors hit eachother. It was not a strange move, but it was this type. I remember still the noise of the braking gearbox and the rotors crashing and a few seconds later the crash on the autobahn nearby. It was an airshow and in this Chinook where a lot of parachutists. No survivors.
2008-08-13 23:38:12
Chinook doing an unbelievable move--whoever the pilot was, knew his shit.
2008-08-13 22:53:29
On 11th September 1982 I saw in Mannheim/Germany a Helicopter like this falling from the sky.