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Old Comments:

2008-11-07 00:11:38
Exactly, there's nothing to win, therefore it is even harder to understand why someone would go to such lengths, ESPECIALLY in this anonymous world where we don't even know one another. Beats me. As to what can be done? Perhaps if Pixdaus Admin were to give a warning to the cheaters that if they don't stop cheating, their records will be expunged and files deleted? Also, we posters are the people behind the 'popularity' of Pixdaus = if we all stop posting, or start posting crap, profits will go down... viewers will soon tire of pictures of a few cheaters with their inflated votes. ;-)
2008-11-06 21:50:01
So Artemis/SCORPION is artificially inflating his/her own votes. Even if we stop voting for his pics he will still add enough votes of his own to 'win'. But there is really nothing to win.There is no prize, no sack of gold for the most votes. No adulation for having the most votes when the votes are fake. -Artemis/SCORPION is a false 'winner'. We know this is happening -Unless it can be stopped there is really no point -trying to shame artemis into stopping will not work obviously. He will maliciously downvote others good pics. What can be done that might actually solve this problem?
2008-11-06 21:27:34
Hey poppy! Yes, I recognize it with the Ballet-Picture. It wasn't only mine which suddenly disappeared it was also the second place (I think it was a woman-pic by jchip8). It is OK when they banned nudity-pics from this site, but mine wasn't nudity, I think! ;-) In the last time there are too many uploaders which upload stupid erotic or nudity! You can bet that every pic with a woman or a lot of skin will get good votes! But the other side is: every pic WITHOUT women or skin don't get good votes or will be voted down! That's sad!