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Posted By:peasant

Old Comments:

2009-09-12 02:49:42
Enjoy the weekend! :)
2009-09-12 01:52:18
Eh, those tiny special moments.. :) Yes I'm from Croatia, please don't ask for more details because you are not the only one who will read this comment, and as you can see not all visitors are decent as you. I gotta go, can't late to one pretty lady! CU on monday!
2009-09-12 01:21:46
I understand this whole village story must have been quite an emotional experience for you :) Most people keep waiting for the big events in their life, when they donīt know or donīt realize that these tiny special moments are really the precious and priceless ones ;) So you are from Croatia?
2009-09-11 20:32:03
That was a adventure! I mean, how I end in those really tinny village. But that is another story.... There I found best ever wine I tested so far. It was made by really old local man for personal use not for sale. I did a small favour to one of his relative and as a repayment I got for free red wine in a plastic bottle of coca-cola of 2L . And almost didn't took it! But my mama teach me that is very rude not to take a gift, so I finally take it. It was one of those ommmm experience. That wine have no price for me. I mean, if I ever stumble on it again, there is no way to sell it! Only to share with a very good friends.
2009-09-11 18:07:33
Hmh, hmh! :( This natural pool or wine density of hot chocolate... Let me think.... Enjoy in the pool jujuba!
2009-09-11 04:08:10
now thatīs unfair :-| :-( * sighs * Ok, as Iīm crazy for red wine, Iīd absolutely love to taste a Croatian one. So letīs do one thing: you can keep the pool as long as you give me the wine ;) :P
2009-09-11 00:50:34
I find it first! If you want to join, price is bottle of red wine from village of Kotelj near Šibenik, Croatia! :P
2009-09-11 00:26:45
Oooh, Iīd stay in that natural pool for hours! :P