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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2009-05-08 18:01:36
Gorgeous photo. Congratulations. It is beautiful
2008-08-17 10:22:19
She is not a child. And if she were a child, what would be wrong with the photo? There's no sexual content at all. I guess we could make all girls under 18 wear a burka. Would that satisfy you? Get help.
2008-02-29 02:18:04
You fuckers are pedophiles!! It's a little girl and theres nothing hot about that. Don't use art as an excuse to wanna fuck kids.
2008-02-27 21:10:59
Don't be jealous...
2008-02-27 20:45:37
Who is she? Beautifull girl.
2008-02-27 16:11:54
Less makeup pleeeez. She's already pretty!
2008-02-27 15:29:27
2008-02-27 10:25:18
stunning beauty. great camera work. wow!
2008-02-27 08:32:27
Did you ever think that I might be their age ?
2008-02-27 07:38:44
My god..., Beautiful photo, those eyes are amazing...
2008-02-27 05:10:55
I love freckles!
2008-02-27 04:24:49
2008-02-27 04:17:17
Very Lovely!