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Posted By:coren

Old Comments:

2008-01-12 10:00:50
Definitely confirmed as Edinburgh, Scotland. The picture is taken from up on the South Bridge, looking down the Cowgate and on to the parliament building and then Holyrood Palace. Google Earth ref + centres you right on the widened bump of the pavement on the corner of Cowgate and Robertson's Close at the bottom of the picture. The Google Earth view is quite old as the white building on the left is still at the foundations stage. Just underneath from where the picture was taken is this ttp://
2008-01-04 21:12:09
Northern England, Yorkshire or Lancashire
2008-01-04 18:49:41
Car's are driving on the left ?
2008-01-04 13:14:55
The photograph is recent (clothing of the pedestrians, cars, and traffic lights) the building of right-hand side seems to be an old manufacture, opposite too On the left a old style building rehabilitates (modernized) At the bottom the parked car seems to be Renault `Scenic' I would say France, towards Marseilles (Est-South Coast) (because of the typical manufacture architecture) But I can also be mistaken
2008-01-04 12:24:36
gorgeous picture, with NO description.....WHY!!!