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Posted By:LILLY

Old Comments:

2011-04-10 12:26:19
I like Lily's picture of a gazebo better than Connie's, hers is more real, not so photoshopped
2011-04-10 11:56:16
Is that one of your pictures M. Savad?
2009-05-20 06:13:48
Temple of Love ~~~ is in Westbury Gardens N.Y.
2009-05-19 03:37:20
Wonderful, very romantic!
2008-05-31 13:17:43
2008-05-31 10:36:55
I think it's in Russia= been looking though Russian pic try in to find another location.
2008-05-25 14:31:28
Yeah, where is it? It looks strangely familiar. Very beautiful, anyway
2008-05-24 19:27:36
Please, where is it?