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Posted By:casaubon

Old Comments:

2009-03-06 01:17:15
How about: Korea Vietnam Chile (*) Guatemala (*) Colombia (*) Afghanistan Iraq (*) More training death squads and supporting military juntas against people elected
2009-02-02 08:38:00
He should register his new nick name. The "Popolov" name was not registered. And now it is gone.
2009-02-02 08:20:34
I'm pretty sure it's Popolov, Abe..he's changed his identity again.. this will be his third incarnation..he's a relatively harmless character, and sometimes amusing..of course he's a pro-Nazi conspiracy freak, a raving anti-semite, and hates the US and everything we stand for ..other than that he's a nice enough chap..
2009-02-02 04:46:06
How about giving us a short list of the places you feel "America" has invaded and in turn destroyed.
2009-02-02 04:18:46
A sentiment I support 100 percent. Everywhere America has invaded they have destroyed.