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Posted By:zmih

Old Comments:

2011-05-23 10:12:42
Here is the same place at night:
2011-05-23 09:31:24
Swarovski Fountain, Innsbruck, Austria.
2011-05-22 13:38:55
amazing picture.... can anyone tell me where this fountain is exactly located???
2009-02-03 01:26:15
He first started! What would you reply to this comment? I just answered the same measure. With random letters entered.
2009-01-31 09:55:36
Nadine, honey is that you? Oh,'s Ms the way and apropos of nada, there's a site called Dizzler where you can hear, free fer nuthin', such classics as Nadine, Roll Over Beethoven, Maybelline, and You Never Can Tell ( "C'est la vie" said the old folks ), and other hits by the immortal Chuck Berry.
2009-01-31 09:28:19
The loonies are here...the loonies are here
2009-01-31 04:41:22
Either your keyboards have some serious issues, or that's a language even freakier (and devoid of regular vowels) than Welsh! Reminds me of the "speaking in tongues" scene with Steve Carell in "Bruce Almighty"!
2009-01-16 01:13:41
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2009-01-16 01:10:04
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