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Posted By:LILLY

Old Comments:

2008-07-14 12:11:10
2008-07-14 12:00:45
Thanks lilly. I knew to click on the name, but sometimes your pictures aren't there, so I should have looked you up on top like you said, but I just forgot. cocktails and work... nice mix : ) think I'll try it!! My fav flower is a lilac but I don't think that sounds right, I also like sunflowers and wildflowers hmmm? your dogs names are really cute!! goodnight lilly, and everybody
2008-07-14 11:52:22
to be clear (few cocktail & a day of work behind me.) if you click on any name under their photos they've posted,you will find anyone that way.
2008-07-14 11:29:36
Ive been light on the pictures for the last week Life has interfered again.I think you should be a rose or daisy something sweet. your fav flower ???to find me hit ===top===at the top of the page,FAQ, etc...will take you to any of the top people,OR JUST CLICK ON MY (((NAME ))),OR ANY ANYONES PICTURES AND THAT WILL TAKE YOU TO THEIR HOME PAGE. All my dogs are named after food. didn't know it until i went to get their license renewed,BIG.BIG.BIG gal=said they all sound like FOOD! mocha,puddin peanut,buster (bar) bear (claw). Also it was lunch time!talk to you soon skip! ;-)
2008-07-14 11:05:28
lilly, I agree you have some very nice pictures, but the last few days I've had a little trouble finding them it seems like theres so many more photo's to go through. I'm thinkin of changing my name to some flower like you and poppy, what do you think? that way people won't call me dude no more!! ha ha
2008-07-14 10:51:34
pop away poppy!
2008-07-13 17:34:46
You always have great lily pictures, Lilly! I think I'll pop a poppy now...