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Posted By:artemis

Old Comments:

2009-01-16 08:49:34
Are you just talking to artemis or to everyone? because if you want everyone to know what you are talking about you need to explain it more clear. Like when you say is it possible you vote your negative pics up which get negative votes just before ... before what? it's not clear .. none of what you are saying is clear. and when I click on your name it shows no comments and no pics.
2009-01-16 07:12:05
It's curious: your pics were upvoted in a row by your "Best"-list and not from your "Latest"-list... Now ALL pictures between from 21 get votes! Is it possible that you vote your pics up which get negative votes just before?? You vote specific for these pics! @all: To see 'Artemis' real character you have to click on my name!