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Posted By:Nifty

Old Comments:

2011-11-18 15:16:15
Many thanks, Nifty. That means alot. I thankyou for your very kind and encouraging words. I hope that you have a great weekend. Take care... :)
2011-11-18 14:21:40
Thanks PictureGirl I am sure you would be right with your knowledge of plants and flowers. I hope you are well and I have missed the wonderful photos you post. Some of the comments that are made are absolutely pathetic and shocking , but they are made by very strange ,sad people and are not worthy of reply. On the other hand there are some decent people and I'm sure they miss your photos and comments as I do. Try to keep smiling and try not to let the nasty types get to you. All the best.
2011-11-18 14:00:47
Looks like the iceberg rose to me....
2011-11-18 13:49:26
I now understand that your comment refers to a kind of rose, unfortunately I only photograph flowers and do not know anything else about them. Thanks for commenting.
2011-11-18 12:10:14
Does not look like Sally Holmes to me :)
2011-11-18 11:47:01
I am really very sorry but I don't understand your comment.
2011-11-18 10:46:32
Sally Holmes ?