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Posted By:Nifty

Old Comments:

2011-10-02 15:02:24
You are very welcome, Nifty. I don't know all of the names of the different plants around the place, but I know quite a few seeing that I have had a love of plants for such a long time and that I completed a horticulture course 10 years ago. Glad your weekend went well. Mine was ok, thankyou. And I'm not feeling too bad either. I'm not pleased though that daylight saving has started up again. I wish we followed Queensland's lead with that. And at least Geelong won the Grand Final too and stopped Collingwood from winning it. Have a great week, Nifty. Take care... :)
2011-10-02 14:48:12
Thank you for your comment PictureGirl, I know you have a good knowledge of flowers but I'm not sure how you can remember all the names. My weekend has been ok thank you and I hope the same applies to you and that you are well.
2011-10-02 12:56:41
Great picture, Nifty. This plant is called 'Photinia'. We have a few here where I live around my block of flats. Hope your weekend went well. Take care... :)