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Posted By:pesche61

Old Comments:

2010-11-15 09:07:52
Canon 450D, Canon 100mm/f2.8 Macro lens, RAW format, this lens is also great for portraits, highly recommended :-)
2010-11-15 08:44:05
You are very welcome, Pesche61...:)
2010-11-15 08:38:22
I am not Premium User : for the first time, I should/would want to have 3 votes +. You did take a wonderful picture. Thanks.
2010-11-15 02:38:50
Good work. It would be great to have more photos posted by the actual photographers.
2010-11-15 01:57:59
thanks, positive feedback makes such a difference...
2010-11-14 08:45:53
I think you're right about this being an 'Eucalyptus Macrocarpa', Gabrielle. A very beautiful photo you took as well, Pesche61.Well done...:)
2010-11-13 23:05:11
I think it is, I took this picture yesterday in Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia. The variety of wildflowers here is immense. All the weird and wonderful stuff that makes this place so unique, if you care to look...
2010-11-13 16:53:56
Beautiful, Eucalyptus Macrocarpa?