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Posted By:Nifty

Old Comments:

2011-10-23 13:05:39
Sorry, that should be asking, not askijng. I have 2 pairs of gloves (one wet, one dry) on my right hand now as I am doing a treatment for a skin condition I have. It makes it hard to type on the keys.....
2011-10-23 13:02:53
You are very welcome,. Nifty. Glad you had a great weekend. I am feeling ok, many thanks for askijng. And I agree with you with what you said about In Love with Nature... :)
2011-10-23 08:37:22
Many thanks to both for the generous comments, it is so pleasing when people like the photos I post. I have had a good weekend PictureGirl and I hope that you are ok also. I also enjoy seeing your photos In Love with Nature and it is obvious you mean it when you use that name.
2011-10-23 08:16:23
Lovely photo of roses, Nifty. You have a good eye for the flowers. :)
2011-10-23 07:55:03
This is a gem of a photo, Nifty. Just beautiful. In my favourites it went. Many thanks for posting the photo. Hope you've had a great weekend. Take care... :)