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Posted By:poppy

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2009-04-14 03:45:53
There must be over a thousand pictures of landscape/fields/flowers on pixdaus.........mostly I ignore or vote - for them, but this one I saved!.........not to "Favorites", I have bought an external hard drive that I saved all the ones I like to, then when I have to go offshore to a drilling rig to work, I plug in the external hard drive to my lap top, turn on pixdaus, and just let thes play, whhile I'm working on the provided desk top'd be surprised at the affirmative3 comments I get from folks who ask me to stop and back up as the slide show is going on to ask which bird species is that, or where is that from? Mostly, very frustrated, I can't tell them, because you guys so often fail to identify the subject of you pic by species or location!
2009-04-14 03:39:40
What in the ever lovin' blue eyed world has that huge discourse got to do with this lovely picture?