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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2008-06-07 07:58:30
Your sweet wiilya. I had to do a double take when I saw my pictures here I was thinkin what did I do now? lol
2008-06-07 07:38:09
Nice pic Skip. Very pleasing to the eye.
2008-06-04 20:15:52
Thank you, Skip! Really lovely! I looked it up, it's from William Wordsworth's poem "Splendour in the Grass."
2008-06-04 20:01:09
I love it poppy !! and once again a perfect choice for the pic. I got one for you.It's one of my favorites... Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendour in the grass..Of glory in the flower.. We will grieve not, and rather find strength in what remains behind. I'm not positive who wrote it but when I come home later I'll look it up : )
2008-06-04 17:23:28
“Spake full well, in language quaint and olden, / One who dwelleth by the castled Rhine, / WHEN HE CALLED THE FLOWERS, SO BLUE AND GOLDEN, / Stars, that in earth's firmament do shine.” --- from “Flowers” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow