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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2008-11-10 02:08:58
I am glad I did not find a poem on lupines. Nothing like finding new talent...thanks, Lilly & Patito! Eat your heart out, Longfellow!
2008-11-09 22:35:32
Give me all the lupines you got- in a bunch, in a bunch ...Dennis Moore
2008-11-09 22:10:21
I'd rather see a nice lupine, than sit upon a porcupine, or eat a watermelon rind, or drink a pint of turpentine. No photograph can truly capture, the beauty of lupines in a pasture. I like to see these floral beauties, as much as Mirco's half-clad cuties. Of human beings there are twokinds, those who do and don't like lupines. And if you are the former sort, you love these flowers with all your hort....Sorry, best I could do early in the morning...better pour me another cup, Carmelita.
2008-11-09 18:19:55
Thanks Kevin, I see you got another great pic, you did it again!! or atleast I think you did, your getting so good, I'm not sure.
2008-11-09 15:07:05
Great pic!
2008-11-09 08:29:18
Opps, on the spelling again, I write too fast.
2008-11-09 08:27:41
Lilly you're fantastic!! how could anyone come cup with a poem for a lupinaus flower? but you did it, Thanks Lilly, you made my night : )))
2008-11-09 07:59:53
Oh , the attractive lupinus flower , how beautiful it is ... with it's long graceful spikes and the many colors it gives.... Red , White , Violet , Azure-Blue... Sweet blooms from May until early June, They are a legume and are related to beans, carob,peas... All parts of the plant are toxic...including the foliage, flowers, seeds... Enjoy every color by site...but don't put it in your stew tonight ... by lilly
2008-11-07 10:51:36
Thanks poppy!! yes I like Lilly's poems so that would be great,you are both good with the poems and the funny thing is I really like poems too, glad we met in pixdausland!!
2008-11-07 10:39:58
No poems on pink lupines! We have ask Lilly to write one... Lovely picture, Skip!