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Posted By:Nifty

Old Comments:

2011-06-15 08:31:17
Actually Nifty, I think NMIT was built where the infectious hospital used to be. The old prison has gone back to being parkland now. Sorry for the wrong pieace of info before....
2011-06-15 08:23:44
You are very welcome, Nifty. I used to work in plant nurseries a few years back and have always been interested in plants and flowers. I went to horticultural school at NMIT when they were situated near Poplar Rd. That's where they built the Olympic village a few years back and NMIT relocated to Fairfield where the old women's prison used to be. Just abit of trivia there for you. All the best to you as well, Nifty. Have a great night... :)
2011-06-15 07:46:31
Thanks Mary, I must confess that I know nothing about flowers , so thank you for the information as well as the comment . All the best Nifty.
2011-06-15 07:19:22
This flower looks like a Clivia to me. Just to give you an ID on this, Nifty. Beautiful photo, btw... :)
2011-06-15 06:49:36
Thanks Algee, it's always satisfying to get a comment like yours.
2011-06-15 06:41:42
Great shot. Have always liked taking floral stuff and this is one of the better ones I've seen.