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Posted By:ocicat

Old Comments:

2009-05-20 23:55:11
all you American Morons and Dumbheads, do you even know that no freaking human has ever been to moon. this has been just another cheap American set up to show the Russians during the cold war that we landed on moon when the freaking asses shot all this somewhere on the north pole. Dumbheads can you not even see there is no air on moon then how the freak ur flags waving in the breeze ?? Never seen dumber people !!
2009-02-02 19:19:07
Sure, they can land a man on the moon, but the USA can`t manage a decent deficit.
2008-12-12 10:01:13
2008-11-17 00:14:27
Nobody would like it can't go fishing, there're no woods to walk around in, no lakes or rivers, no beaches, no beer, no nothin'...and I hear the cookin' really sucks ...and even if there were women there they wouldn't be able to take their clothes of...
2008-11-16 23:42:40
I think this discussion this site, my keyb, the PC , my home,my children, israel (where i live), asia, all the continents, the earth, the galaxy are all photoshopped by ALLAH :) people your conspiracy theory is too much. The americans went to the moon, but they didn't like it there.i think
2008-09-12 21:05:45
Is there wind on the moon?, cause I thought there wasn't any. Btw, has the moon an atmosphere?
2008-05-01 06:08:15
When we go back to the moon and take pictures of all the old equipment left there, I will laugh at all the idiot conspiracy wakoos!
2008-04-04 16:32:24
In space - no one can hear you scream 'PHOTOSHOPPED' or 'CONSPIRACY'.
2008-04-03 00:18:03
Its funny, alot of ppl are asking questions like "than why dont they go again to the moon (etc)". Yeah, i wonder why,if my daddy would pay everything I sure as hell would go to the moon. its now only$ (space-ship not included)
2008-03-17 12:48:42
Oh man, I'm sure you still have no idea... There are TONS of people out there who believe the craziest things. From the moon landing, 9-11, JFK, global warming, UFOs, and various medical issues, to evolution/biology (which includes all of science, basically. Geology, astronomy, cosmology, chemistry, physics, genetics, etc) and Freemasons. And those are only the ones I've personally encountered. There are also conspiracy theories about contrails, the holocaust, vaccines, and many others. It's insane. And also from my anecdotal experience, I'd say that those psychological theories are right. By far, the conspiracy theorists I've encountered tend to be older people who live boring lives and haven't really accomplished much. It's pretty sad actually.
2008-03-17 10:59:50
Wow...what a revelation..I really had no idea there were so many goof-ball, wing-nut,totally wackmobile conspiracy theorists out there..there is a psychological theory that conspiracy theorists are attempting to compensate for their own personal failures and lack of accomplishments....I suspect there's something to that...
2008-02-25 14:11:43
Yeah, that movie IS overflowing with lies and propaganda. It's amazing.
2008-02-25 13:31:56
Some people think that the moon landings were staged in a studio. I'm a hell of a cospiracy theorist myself and I still say the moon landings did take place.
2008-02-13 23:32:16
That photo is photoshopped. Look at the flag pole and the ground. It doesn't even look like it is in the soil, plus there is no shadow. I guess some idiot is trying to make the moon landing a hoax.
2008-02-13 17:55:48
And another weird thing! Why is there a white hand with a pointing finger in the black sky?....oops. sorry. It.s my mouse cursor. Hmm.
2008-02-13 17:41:01
I think that Einstein said that only the universe and human stupidity are infinite... "u can't see color in space"??? now that is pretty stupid... learn some physics. u may not get a better job because of it, but u will be a better person... and how don't the conspiracy theorists ever get tired? i mean, they spend their time downgrading human achievements, taking away the good stuff that Homo Sapient did... i will never understand that...
2008-02-12 14:48:02
That's why.
2008-02-12 14:47:48
NASA photoshopped the shadow out to create controversy so that people would think there there was a conspiracy, and we never went to the moon, when in fact, there's a base up there that is run by Barbara Baines and Martin Landau, except that there was this accident, see, and the moon was hit and dropped out of orbit with the Earth, and they've been traveling free for the last nine years up there, and (of course) the government doesn't want you to know that the moon isn't in orbit around the Earth, and this is secretly causing global warming, so they got a bunch of our own soldiers together and hijacked a bunch of planes (except that one of the 'planes' was actually a tomahawk missile) and everything's going to God's plan, because he wants to destroy Earth according to the prophecies made by the ancient Mayan civilization, and you know that's true, because Maya is also the name of one of the most expensive animation software you can possibly buy (and a competitor to Adobe's Photoshop, and both of these programs work on *Apple* computers), and of course you know God's a capitalist, otherwise why would he put George Bush in charge of bringing the children of God back to the Rapture, and Armageddon, because, after all, there are so many people alive today that are ready for enlightenment, you know what I mean?
2008-02-12 13:33:04
why does the flag not have a shadow?
2008-02-01 04:45:24
Help! the truth is being supressed!
2008-02-01 01:11:07
2last: u have a real pcyhical problem, maybe a complex, u know? just look at the picture and relax. it will help
2008-01-31 15:40:11
HA HA USA ALL THE WAY!!! all the russian say it is fake because they are too stupid to go to the moon. go drink your vodka and continue to inferior!
2008-01-31 14:34:47
If that's the best you can come up with, I suggest you go back to high school physics and stay away from the internet for a while.
2008-01-31 14:31:53
No wonder Adobe charges so much for the software. and that guy Alex? no Trebek, if you know what I mean...
2008-01-31 14:18:33
yeah and the world is flat too, but NASA has all those fake photoshopped 'earth photo's'. Bah! they won't fool me and alex!
2008-01-31 14:01:52
So they had to travel to the moon in order to invent photoshop with the help of radiation? I don't get it.
2008-01-31 13:56:50
In the 60s, the US government said they spent billions of tax dollars in order to send men to the moon, however they could not due to unfiltered radiation from the sun, which would kill any living organism in the course of the week it would take to traverse the unfathomable distance of unmeasurable nothingness between the earth and moon. SO it was decided in secret that the government would design a computer system capable of replicating images of what a moon landing would look like. And today you can thank nasa for the advent of photoshop (which they still own the right to and make billions from each and every year).
2008-01-31 12:36:58
Dude, the last time I ate nebulae in space, I could taste the colors.
2008-01-31 12:10:30
Who ever suggested you can't see color in space? Of course you can see color in space. But you can't taste the nebulae.
2008-01-31 12:05:04
WTF, I thought you can't hear sound or see color in space. It's fake, guys.
2008-01-31 11:59:09
by NASA, or?
2008-01-31 11:07:27