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Posted By:coil

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2009-05-05 06:21:19
Thanks, PVWS, but ol' Abe and I ordinarily conduct ourselves according to the most refined, genteel and elevated standards of civilized discourse and deportment...unless somebody fucks with us...then we stomp a mudhole in their ass !
2009-05-05 06:00:17
2009-05-05 05:41:36
2009-05-05 00:24:22
Good question, good and informative answer, no trash talk. Thanks!
2009-05-04 21:28:12
Actually, Abe, most big ships like this have remarkably small crews...I hang out regularly with guys who ship out on various kinds of big ships, and one of the things we talk about is the diference between naval service ( mine) and maritime service ( theirs) and one of the biggest differences is the ratio of crewmen to size....the old Des Moines-class cruisers I served aboard had a crew of between 900 and 1200...most large commercial vessels will have a crew of 20 or so...those big free-fall lifeboats can carry that many people with room to spare..
2009-05-04 12:20:11
Check out the lifeboat launcher. I wonder how long it would take to reload? Because doing that once would not be enough.