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Posted By:t24

Old Comments:

2010-08-20 12:47:24
You mean, their study has come to an end ?
2010-08-20 12:43:21
Doctors at the John Hopkins Research Centre have been studying the American Ass for over a year now. They are perplexed! But unfortunately they have run out of research funds.
2010-08-20 11:20:19
f### you and thats all i have to say hey its just my opinion oh and this 2 (smug-ass europe-ons) ha ha ha ha
2009-12-30 10:49:59
i'm an american, and i agree!
2009-10-22 19:58:56
please....europe isn't doing much better these days, they're about caught up now
2008-11-02 03:24:28
Sooooo fucking true! :>
2008-08-08 02:34:51
there are no fat women in Europe, and all American women are fat. i have so many business cards in front of me i'm gonna step out and smoke and then i'm gonna tell the German slut with the beer to fuck off home, her mom is waiting.
2008-08-07 19:27:15
This is BS, v. Everyone knows that the most crappy and chemicized food is in the US. It's all tasty, though, but crappy - too low on enzymes, vitamins and 'good' fats make your organism go haywire. And too much carbohydrates and bad fat makes you go Lard Ass.
2008-07-26 13:23:24
It doesn't matter what the food is or who it's cooked by; over here, it's served in American portion sizes!
2008-06-09 16:42:49
to Dave... lol ... how about doing more exercise, i mean to get into the car to drive 500 feet is just as pointless as your comment, and yes dont tell me its not so lived 10 years in the states ...
2008-02-11 03:21:06
hahahahah yeah right!
2008-02-09 16:43:31
McDonald's isn't what makes us fat. It is all of the delicious ethnic food we have to choose from. It comes from restaurants run by all of the people who have immigrated from your countries! It's your fault! You need to keep your cooks at home.
2008-02-07 00:19:46
YEAH! i live in europe...
2008-02-06 21:57:36
Shit, my one poses for the usa :(
2008-02-06 20:01:29
hm... my girlfriend poses for Europe?! :-)
2008-02-06 10:52:52
2008-02-06 10:49:13
Man, I'm glad not having to wear those cheeksplitters! Ow...
2008-02-06 08:06:53
baby's got back
2008-02-06 02:34:13
Old one but truth :)
2008-02-06 01:32:10
Ha! This is just so true.